Hello! As you may know, my company is Endless Possibilities Coaching and Speaking, LLC and I am doing my best to offer you Endless Possibilities in how you can interact and work with me! I offer everything from free teleclasses all the way up to professional, in-depth coaching experiences! To maximize your knowledge about what I am up to and how we can work together, I would encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, (if you haven’t, already)! This will keep you up to date on all of the things I am doing and what I am currently offering, and I am ALWAYS looking at more things to offer and more ways to serve you! If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them! You can send your ideas to! I look forward to hearing from you!

FREE: These are my teleclasses and certain select speaking engagements/presentations. The best way to keep up on these is to join my email list! That applies to all of these categories, but this is a good place to start!

$10: These are recordings and downloads of my teleclasses, so even if you miss one, there is a good chance you will be able to purchase one of the recordings! How cool is that?

$49: This is my home study programs. You can work on my Resolution Solution or any of my other programs at your own pace! These are still under develpment, so SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL LIST to get updates on my progress with these!

$99/$149: This is the range of prices for my1-day workshops. I am currently, (and always), collaborating with other world-class coaches on workshop ideas on a variety of topics from my standards, (Change Your Life By Changing Your Past and The Resolution Solution), to just about anything else, (Marriage Workshops, Relationships, etc).

$199/$300: As I mentioned above, I am always developing products with other coaches and this is the pricing range for 2-day workshops on a variety of topics.

$395*: This is the monthly price of my Standard Coaching program. This is a one on one program where you get completely customized coaching from me focusing on exactly what YOU want to work on! This program, we work together twice a month for 45 minutes each session.

$495*: This is the monthly price of my Premier Coaching program. It is similar to the program above but we work together 3 times per month. This is for the more dedicated and serious person who really wants to excellerate their growth and wants greater accountability.

$936**: This is The Resolution Solution Group Coaching Program. In this 4 month program, we examine what gets in the way of people keeping their resolutions, what gets in YOUR way and what YOUR specific needs and challenges are and how you can overcome them! This is for the person who wants to experience group coaching and wants to make deep and lasting changes in their lives!

$1,495: Are you a stage performer? A Musician? An Actor? A Comic? A Model? This 12 month group coahing program is for you! We will examine the unique challenges and similarities of these 4 professions, what may get in your way and how you can overcome these challenges.

$3K/$10K: Are you a successful professional? Are you on TV? Are you on the cover of magazines? Do you sell out auditoriums and arenas? Is your name a “household word”? This coaching program is for you! We work together to create a custom program that suits your needs and your high demand profession. We decide the frequency and the session length that suits your needs. We arrange intensive, in-person sessions. This is a highly-customized program for the serious professional entertainer.

$49K: This is the Endless Possibilities Experience. This is my flagship offering. This is for people who want to get the maximum experience. This year long program features 3 coaching sessions per month, 3 in-person weekends with me going deep and working on what you most need, we will spend a week in Hawaii going deep and challeging your obstacles and celebrating your success! We will hike the mountains, have a spa day and be pampered and treated to the very best that Hawaii has to offer. This is a serious price tag for those who are seriously committed to the very best!

* This is a 6 month introductory price. After the first 6 months, the price drops going forward.
** This is the maximum cost of this program. I offer package discounts, (paying the full price up front as opposed to monthly), and early bird savings. Again, watch my newsletters for details.