Musicians, Actors, Comics and Models

While I truly enjoy my coaching and really love working with my clients, I am very interested in coaching musicians, actors, comics and top models. Many is the time I have stepped onto the stage as either an actor, speaker, singer or guitarist. I have performed everywhere from backyards to The House of Blues. From Bismarck, ND to Oklahoma City, OK to Myrtle Beach, SC. I love performing and I love being in front of an audience. I love that moment of interaction where the audience knows that a “real minute” just happened because that could not have been rehearsed.

I also realize that musicians, actors, comics and top models have certain fears and/or “Saboteurs” that they encounter regularly in regards to their professions and their performances. And why shouldn’t I realize this? I have been there!

I work with musicians, actors, comics and top models to really dig deep and identify those areas in their crafts where they would like more confidence and security. One of the great tools for working on these types of issues is perspectives, or what my coaching school calls Balance Coaching. So many times, musicians, actors, stand-up comics and top models get so caught up in their perspective and point of view that they don’t realize that any other perspective could even possibly exist. (Here is a hint: They DO exist!)

Whether you play an instrument, your voice is your instrument or your body is your instrument, I can help you feel more comfortable and more confident in your performance and your ability. This is your passion! Let it SING! Let me help you make the most of your time on the stage!

Call me! Let’s work together to get every drop of magic out of every experience you have in front of others!