Frequently Asked Questions
About Coaching…

What is a coach?
Here is how the International Coach Federation, (ICF) defines coaching:Professional coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and organizations.

In more simple terms, a coach is an objective observer and partner who provides honest feedback, (even when it is not easy), and supports the client in taking action and living a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Who needs a coach?
An even better question is who doesn’t need a coach? But seriously, everyone needs support. There are literally MILLIONS of people out there who are more than happy to tell you that “you can’t”. Your coach is there to tell you that you CAN!

In my mind, an ideal coaching client is someone who is open to looking at things in a different way and trying out new possibilities and is willing to experiment. Someone who realizes that the past has passed and believes in creating a better future for themselves. Someone who realizes that life, people and times all change and they are willing to do the same.

How can coaches be an expert at everything, especially when it comes to peoples’ jobs?
This is actually a great question. Coaches don’t HAVE to be an expert in everything. For example, in executive coaching, some executives do require that coaches have a familiarity with their industry so that they are all speaking the same language, but many executives PREFER coaches who have NO KNOWLEDGE of their industry at all so they can truly get a unique and unbiased perspective that simply does not exist within the walls of their organization. They have “new eyes”. They will ask questions that no one else within the organization would think of. They can bring a genuine sense of curiosity to every interaction.

Some people are really set in their ways and don’t like people telling them what to do. How are you going to know what is best for everyone?
Again, another great question. My coaching school, (CTI), holds that the client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. The client does not “need fixing”. In this manner, the client will know what is best for the client. The coaches job is to ask insightful questions and provide honest feedback. The coach facilitates the exploration of ideas and possibilities. The client decides what is right and the coach creates accountability and assists the client in moving into action. The coach champions the client as they move forward.

I am a woman. Would it be better for me to have a female coach, as opposed to a male coach?
What a good-looking question! I am glad you asked that! I have heard a few women talk about that and they have opposing views. One woman will tell you that she prefers a female coach because a female coach will already “get” her and they will have some common language and common ground that she would not get from a male coach. Another women will tell you that she prefers male coaches because she feels she can tell a male coach things she can not tell a female. She will feel “less judged”. I have also heard women say they prefer male coaches because a male coach simply does not have a female perspective and can offer a perspective that a female can’t. It is a very different perspective than what she would come up with on her own. I feel that the bottom line is you should go with the coach that feels right for YOU! Although gender may be an issue, to me, the most important thing is finding a coach with whom you feel comfortable and can have a very open and honest working relationship, regardless of gender.

How can I find a coach?
You can always go to the International Coach Federation, (ICF), website, www.coachfederation.org to find a coach. You can also try Internet search engines. I am a member of the Minnesota Coaches Association, (MCA), and you can also visit their website at www.minnesotacoaches.org and there are many fine coaches there. And don’t forget, you are visiting the website of a very outstanding coach in his own right!

How do I know when I have found the right coach for me?
How do you know when you have found the right shoe? No one can tell you, but you know because it just feels right. It is a lot like that. Most coaches are more than happy to provide free sample sessions so the client can get a feel for what coaching is all about and see if the coach is right for them. Like I said, when it is a good fit, you will know it!

How much does coaching cost?
Ah, yes, the “million dollar” question! (Pun INTENDED!) Just kidding! Executive coaching within corporations can run anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month, (or more). Individual coaching is much more affordable. Common rates are anywhere from $200 to $500 per month for three 45 minute sessions, (there is no set standard rate). Some coaches adjust their rate based on their training or length of time in coaching. MANY coaches like to give back to the community so for every 2 clients they have paying full price, they have a client who can not afford as much to whom they give a substantial discount. Some coaches are “retired” and just want a little extra cash and some do it on the side, so their rates may be lower, as well. I trained with a coach who has incredible passion and a very unique perspective and he was finding it difficult to accept the idea of charging more than $5 per session. I know that doesn’t help much, but hopefully, you will have a better idea of what to expect.