Here is what people are saying about Possibilities Coaching!

Tom’s introductory coaching session was very valuable.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but kept an open mind going into it.  The thing I liked best was a visualization exercise that Tom took me through relating to a goal of mine to write my first book.  I have always set goals for myself but Tom’s visualization exercise took it to a really high level and energized me to start working right away on the book.  Tom has a very comfortable approach and I really enjoyed the coaching session.

My name is Mike, 55 year old owner of Staffaroni Design.  During these times of difficult career decisions and personal hardships I feel very fortunate to have worked with Tom Maher, from Endless Possibilities Coaching.  I was struggling for 6 months with a 20 year friendship  that was being destroyed by a $2,000.00 + debt that was not being paid.   Did I let the friendship or the the money drift away.  In one session Tom came up with a plan that we rolled into action that very day.  Since then the dept is being paid down and the friendship with him and his family has strengthened.  Thank you Tom, your skills and insight into the human psychic has strengthened my belief that any situation can be worked out.

Mike Staffaroni
Staffaroni Design
2135 Aquila Ave. N.
Golden Valley, MN 55427 – suite 100

My sample life coaching session with Tom was a real eye opener. Tom’s patience and gentle guidance helped me open the door to the possibilities I could unlock in my life. In just 45 minutes my whole attitude and perspective changed for the better. I went away from the session with a sense of empowerment and a renewed excitement about my future. Thank you Tom!

I highly recommend Tom Maher for you’re consideration when deciding whether or not a life coach is for you. I had no idea what one was/does and Tom did an excellent job of explaining the process while asking leading questions to get me comfortable with the concept. Within no time I was fielding scenarios and coming up with my own answers. I ended the session feeling refreshed and renewed, very happy with the time I spent. If you are on the fence or curious about what a life coach does/is- give Tom Maher a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Thomas Maher is a very talented and inspirational LIfe Coach.  He is a natural at understanding what to say and how to say it, and knows exactly how to get you to realize your potential, and move you to the next step in following your dreams.  He has an aura about him that makes you feel comfortable and understood, and he makes sure you are directing your process, so you get exactly where you want to be.
~ Female

I wasn’t sure as to what a possibilities coach was until people in my networking group started recommending how much it would  get a person out of their shell. Tom has a way to get you motivated to really bring you to the next level. He also shows you ways to build confidence. He shows you ways to focus on positive thoughts  and not give negative thoughts any credibility. Thank you so much. This has been great.

Tom helped me set goals by being persistent and giving me the push I needed to create a plan of action to meet my goals.  By pointing out that we need to choose a specific dates to visualize results, it forced me establish a time line in which to submit articles for publication.  By pushing me to choose a title and a visual for a cover of my book, made it seem more of a real possibility instead of just a far away dream.

If you are stuck in a rut in any area of your life, I would highly recommend speaking with a life coach. Especially going through something difficult as a single person, it challenged my thinking to turn some negatives around into positives. The accountability factor is invaluable. I found our session to be uplifting and encouraging.

I feel that myself discovery of the first and second sessions have been a great eye-opener for me and I feel that my coach is encouraging and happy to see me succeed.

Your strength is clearly your ability to deal with people.

I feel I can see what my life can become if I realize what I need to change now.