Public Speaking

The Possibilities Are Endless!

This is so true. Because this is at the very heart of my coaching practice and philosophy, it must pour over into areas other than just coaching. I feel my message is really meant of the masses. Let’s face it, I can reach more people through speaking than I can through coaching people one at a time.

When I began exploring my Possibilities and everything that that entails, I realized that I had a message. Being a Toastmaster, and having earned my Toastmaster Competent Communicator designation, public speaking became the obvious way to communicate my ideas to the world.

As I developed my Possibilities philosophy, a speech naturally emerged. As I worked on and fleshed out that speech, it began to branch off in different directions. I soon realized that these directions were indicative of different audiences. Three audiences became apparent rather quickly and I spent my time developing customized messages for each of these audiences. Let’s face it. They each needed a different message.

While each group needed a different message, other than Possibilities, these messages all had a common theme: Hope. If there is ever any one thing that can get a person through a difficult and challenging time, it is hope. If you can bring hope, the Possibilities truly are Endless!

Here are my main target audiences and a little bit of the main idea of each presentation.

People Living In Our Prisons And Jails – Here is a group of people who may truly see no possibilities for themselves or maybe no possibilities as long as they are on the inside. I remind them of the fact that the possibilities even exist where they are today and they can start laying the groundwork for change immediately. I take them through a step by step process to set a course for change and how to identify who will support them and who will bring them back down. The idea is that laying the groundwork in jail will give them the start and direction they need so that they do not end up in jail again.

High School and College Students – Talk about a portion of our population who truly do have Endless Possibilities right at their fingertips! I affectionately call this talk “The Test For The Rest Of Your Life”. This talk is all about not settling for “good enough”. Each generation grows up with challenges and difficulties not faced by previous generations and this one is no different. This talk is all about striving to be the very best that you can be. It is about asking for help from those who are excelling. It is about lifting up those who are struggling. It is about constant improvement for the sake of self-satisfaction and accomplishment. This is about starting RIGHT NOW to have the most incredible life possible. The life they were MEANT to have!

High School and College Teachers – Talk about over worked, underpaid, misunderstood and unappreciated. These are the people who dedicate their lives to work with the people who are the future of our cities, states, country, species and our planet. These are also people who have many fingers pointed at them many times and still come back to answer their calling. This talk reminds teachers that they are a community and it reinforces that they do make a difference. It reminds them of their value and of the impact that they really do make in the lives of people everywhere. It emphasizes the difference that teachers really DO make in the lives of their students.

Others – Do you know of a segment of the population that could use some encouragement and a good ole fashioned shot of positive attitude? Send me an email and let me know. I would be happy to customize a message to a group of people who need some reminding of their inherent value.