I have met a lot of people since I began my journey as The Possibilities Coach. One of the things that is important to me is the concept of gratitude and appreciation. I have met a number of people who are truly impressive and have been very gracious and generous in sharing with me their time, their insights and their learnings. I really appreciate and recognize that I am a better person for having known them. Because of this, I dedicate this page to them, so that you might know them and benefit from them, also.

Many website and web pages have affiliates. This is when you are on a website and you see an ad for another website. When you click on the ad for the other website, it gets tracked and the original website gets credit and eventually paid for driving people to that site. The people listed below ARE NOT affiliates and I receive no  money when you go to their sites. These are people of high quality and character for whom I would personally vouch. Please visit their sites and tell them that I sent you!

Chez Raginiak:

Chez, who spent the first half of his life in communist Poland and escaped by spending months in a refugee camp, shares with you his story of coming to America and starting a new life with nothing but a few dollars, no English, and lots of hope. Through hard work and education, he immersed himself in the American culture and became a successful founder/owner of two businesses: Kids’ Express Train, a company that enhances children’s speech through music and fun; and 1Moment, LLC, his speaking and writing company.

During his life in America, Chez discovered the importance of communication, networking, and making a fabulous first impression… important skills that can be used immediately in your daily life, too.

His programs will be of great inspiration to people everywhere. They promise to leave the audience with a feeling of empowerment and hope in these tough times.

Please visit Chez’s site at

Steve Beseke:

Steve has been a very successful corporate communications executive for 25+ years at companies like Medtronic, Opus Corporation and the National Marrow Donor Program. He is now president of his own communications and motivational/life resiliency consulting firm. Writing and speaking about life and career resiliency is a true passion for Steve. In addition to the everyday resiliency challenges all of us face, Steve has adapted to a lifelong physical disability (Cerebral Palsy). Please check out his award nominated career and life resiliency blog at

You can help by letting him know if you have possible resiliency needs. Steve is also looking to communicate his messages at various events or with companies/organizations of all sizes. Please e-mail Steve – – with your needs or if you have a couple connections he can contact for networking.

Steve is also networking to find his next great full-time position as a manager, director of VP in the fields of corporate communications, internal communications or marketing communications. E-mail Steve if you’ve heard of positions or have connections with whom Steve could network.

Jackie Maher and Katie DeCosse:

Okay, so I didn’t meet them in the past year. This is my mother and my half-sister. They have a very touching and inspiring story and I am always happy to help promote their website, as well as their book, Fifty Years in 13 Days.

If adoption has touched your life or the life of someone you know, this book is a must read. You can find the book and read more about Jackie and Katie at or you can just wait until you see them on Oprah! It is bound to happen eventually!

In case you missed it, that site is

Tell them that The Possibilities Coach sent you!

Photo by Cy DeCosse