About Me

Here is a little bit about me:

My name is Tom Maher and I am The Possibilities Coach. In my life, I have done many things. I have been a GroceryRetailer, a Home Improvement Warehouse Retailer, Mobile DJ Entertainer, Support Counselor, Marketing Specialist, Actor, Singer, Guitarist, Performer and Public Speaker. I might also add that I met with success in each of those careers/occupations to varying degrees.

How did I bring success to each of those roles? How did I get the opportunity to wear all of these hats? How did I end up doing so many diverse things? I said YES to Possibilities. I was open to what appeared before me. Did I ALWAYS do that? No. Do I always do that now? No, but I am more aware of it and I am working on it. Yes, it is something that I need to continue to work on daily and it takes time.

As The Possibilities Coach, I come from the perspective that my clients have an unlimited potential. I focus on keeping them open to the many possibilities that are there for them and that they really can achieve the things that they want in this life. I support them as I help them move into action toward the things that will help them lead a fulfilling life of integrity that is in tune with their values and help them to be their authentic selves.

This site is still under construction and I have many more plans for it, so keep coming back and seeing what I have to offer, and Remember…

Your Possibilities are ENDLESS!